Can I Visit an Urgent Care Center Without Insurance?

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Can I Visit an Urgent Care Center Without Insurance?

July 14th, 2021

Have you ever wanted to visit an urgent care center but don’t because you don’t have health insurance? Is there no option but to go to the ER and deal with long wait times? We have the answers to these questions and yes, you DO have options!

What if I Don’t Have Insurance?

You can absolutely be seen at an urgent care center even if you don’t have health insurance! In fact, it’s highly suggested you choose this treatment option instead of going to an emergency room. Emergency room visits are expensive, and they typically cost at least $800. On the other hand, an urgent care visit costs $100 – $150 without additional services.

Keep in mind, the average cost only factors in the fees to consult with a medical professional. Additional charges can include prescription costs, lab work, imaging, and testing. Urgent care centers will provide a price list for all services for those who are uninsured and paying out-of-pocket for medical treatment – so there should be no surprise bills after the fact!

How Can I Lower the Cost of My Visit?

There are a few things you can control specific to your medical visit that can help with cost savings. For starters, let your provider know that you are uninsured, or a self-pay patient. Your doctor may be able to prescribe generic or over-the-counter medications that could be much less expensive than other comparable options. At an urgent care center, you can be seen quickly and easily without waiting days for an appointment. Therefore, a provider can provide only the most needed tests or treatment at the time of your visit, as opposed to doing a full battery of tests that you may not need. If your condition does not improve, you can then easily be seen again to receive additional treatment. This method of ‘step-therapy’ is a great way to receive quality care in the most affordable way.

There are also health insurance options for those who are uninsured due to unemployment or limited income. As of January 2021, there were 75 million Americans (including children) enrolled in their state’s Medicaid program. You can receive free or low-cost medical benefits dependent on your household income and family size. There are also many states that sponsor state health care to cover the majority of the costs for doctor visits and medications for those in need.

At Cure Urgent Care, we accept patients without insurance. However, payment for a basic visit is required up front. Any additional diagnostic testing, procedures, medications administered, and/or supplies/equipment used during the visit, will be due, in-full, when you complete your visit.

For more information, you should visit our Self-Pay price list for cost information for a range of urgent care services.

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