Our Commitment

Cure Urgent Care is committed to compliance with all of our legal, regulatory, and ethical obligations. We take our obligations to our patients, the communities we serve, and the organizations with which we interact very seriously. Key elements of our Compliance and Ethics Program include care quality, detecting and preventing fraud, waste, and abuse, safeguarding patient information, and promoting integrity in vendor and third-party relationships.

Care Quality

We take our obligations to our patients, the communities we serve, and the organizations with which we interact very seriously. We strive to make your visit effortless and quality-focused. If you have any concerns about the quality of your experience or the care you received, please email us at compliance@cureurgentcare.com

Detecting and Preventing Fraud, Waste, and Abuse

A key element of our Compliance and Ethics Program is ensuring we bill correctly for the services we provide. Various federal and state laws and regulations impact how we bill for services. Our commitment is to operate in line with the highest professional and ethical billing and coding standards. If you have a question about a bill, please contact our Billing Department at (646) 668-5401. If you are concerned about serious billing irregularities, please report your concern to compliance@cureurgentcare.com.

Safeguarding your Data

We know how important it is to keep your personal and medical information private, and we take our obligation to your privacy seriously. In light of this, we have implemented numerous technical, administrative, and physical safeguards so you can be assured the information you provide to us is secure. Click here to see our Notice of Privacy Practices.

Integrity with Vendors and Other Third Parties

Cure Urgent Care makes business decisions based on ethical, honest, and objective criteria specific to what is best for our patients. We will not accept inducements of any type in exchange for patient referrals.

How to Report Compliance & Ethics Concerns

Anyone who has compliance and ethics concerns, including anything related to billing, privacy, vendor and physician relationships, and conflicts of interest, can report it through the following means:

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Still Need Help?

Please reach out to us at any time

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