Elan earned his pharmacy degree from Long Island University in 1996. He has been starting, managing, and growing healthcare organizations ever since. 

In 2000, he founded his first pharmacy in Coney Island. After running his pharmacy chain, rebranded QuickRx in 2007, Elan expanded into other healthcare services including assisted living facilities, infusion therapy, and urgent care practices.

Passionate about providing quality healthcare for all, he founded Cure Urgent Care in 2014. Cure fills the gap between going to the ER and waiting to see your family doctor at an affordable price.

Despite his busy schedule, Elan believes dedicating time to be around family is part of being a good role model and a good father. “The key is to set and prioritize time to do what they love to do and to inspire them to be better people, all around.”

He is a member of professional associations and works closely with the National Association of Board of Pharmacy. He also supports local NYC community groups such as the Coney Island Community Board and Russian American Jewish Experience.