Our mission is to make urgent care accessible and convenient. We accept most insurance plans and provide fair and competitive pricing for self-pay patients. We work closely with patients to help them meet their financial obligations for urgent healthcare needs.

Pay My Bill Online

Pay My Bill Online

Patient’s Out-of-Pocket Expense


It is important for you to be an informed consumer and understand the specifications of your insurance policy.



Co-pays (co-payments) are the flat dollar amounts an insurance plan requires the insured person to pay for each type of service. Cure Urgent Care services typically have a co-pay. The information about the copayment responsibility can be found on the back of your insurance card.



Deductibles are fixed dollar amounts an insurance company requires the insured person/ family to pay (“meet”) each year before the insurance company starts to pay a higher share of the medical bills. The cost of services that the insurance company states are “non-covered” typically do not count toward deductibles.​



Co-insurance is the percentage of the bill that the insurance company says is the patient’s “share.” Co-insurance only applies to charges that are “covered” by that insurance company. The co-insurance percentages are only valid until the patient/family meet the insurance company’s “out of pocket” (stop-loss) threshold.​

Outsourced Services


Diagnostic testing performed off-site diagnostic testing, such as laboratory testing and imaging, may need to be performed at an outside facility, such as the hospital, or independent lab like Quest Diagnostics or LabCorp. These facilities and their physicians or independent practitioners operate and bill independently from Cure Urgent Care. They establish their own fee schedules, payment policies, and insurance contracts.

Please note: it is your responsibility to know if your insurance has specific rules or limitations. Your health insurance policy is a contract between you and your health insurance company or employer.

Uninsured Patients

We accept patients without insurance. Payment is due, in-full, at the time services are rendered. Best efforts will be made by the clinic to estimate the total charges for your visit. Payment for a basic visit is required up front. Any additional diagnostic testing, procedures, medications administered, and/or supplies/equipment used during the visit, will be due, in-full, upon discharge.

Self-Pay Costs

If you are uninsured or have a gap in your coverage, any unexpected health issue that arises can be a huge worry. In fact, a single visit to an emergency room can cost more than $800 – in addition to hours spent in an uncomfortable, crowded and chaotic environment.


Self-Pay Price Listing

Our services start at an affordable $115, with competitive rates on services ranging from vaccinations to x-rays to physicals.

    • Basic Office Visit: $115

Note: Office visit fee is in addition to cost per services below unless otherwise noted.

Note: Office visit fee of $115 applies in addition to costs below.

    • Blood Draw Fee: $30
    • Glucose Finger Stick: $45
    • Hemoccult: $40
    • Influenza (rapid): $50
    • Pregnancy: $25
    • Strep test: $40
    • Urine Dip Analysis: $30
    • Urine Drug screen: $125
    • HIV in office: $100
    • Mono in office test: $100

    • CBC: $12
    • Chem Panel: $17

Note: Office visit fee of $115 applies in addition to costs below.

    • Stitches 0-5 stiches: $200
    • Lacerations/Stitches: >10 cm $300 – $500
    • Suture/Staple Removal: $75
    • Facial Laceration Repair: $300 – $700
    • Dermabond Repair: $100

Please call your preferred office to schedule. Walk-ins may not be honored.

    • DOT Physical: $200 (includes office visit)

Please call your preferred office to schedule with a DOT-certified doctor. Walk-ins may not be honored.

Note: Office visit fee of $115 applies in addition to costs below.

    • Nebulizer Breathing Treatment: $75
    • EKG with Reading: $150

Note: Office visit fee of $115 applies in addition to costs below except for flu shots.

    • Flu Shot: $50 (includes office visit)
    • Flu Shot High Dose: $75 (includes office visit)
    • MMR: $175
    • Tdap Vaccine: $125

Note: Office visit fee of $115 applies in addition to costs below.

    • Chest: $175
    • Extremity: $100-$150
    • Large Joint  (hip-shoulder): $300
    • Cervical Spine: $300

Payment Methods

Paying for your visit is quick and easy. All major insurance plans are accepted.

Pay In-person

We offer convenient payment options:

    • Cash
    • Checks
    • Credit Card
    • Money Orders

Pay Online

We accept the following credit cards, including HSA:

    • Visa
    • Mastercard
    • American Express
    • Discover

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