Testing will determine the presence of IgG antibodies in the blood that are produced by the body in response to SARS-CoV-2 virus.

A POSITIVE test result means antibodies are present.

A NEGATIVE test result means antibodies are not present.

Testing will determine if a patient has antibodies. Therefore, the result will also confirm whether or not the patient has positively had the COVID-19 virus, and now has the antibodies that could potentially prevent re-infection.

The test is performed by taking a blood serum sample at one of our two Cure Urgent Care locations. The sample is then sent out to the laboratory we contract with to be analyzed.

The serum blood draw test provided at Cure Urgent Care is 97% accurate, versus the pin-prick rapid test, which is 85% accurate.

Anyone is eligible for the antibody test. There is no need to have had prior COVID-19 testing or confirmed symptoms.

It could take up to 4 weeks after known infection for antibodies to develop. For those who have had no symptoms, conclusive timing for accurate results cannot be determined.

Please allow for up to 5 business days for results.

Patients will receive results via the CURE patient portal – activation is required in order to be tested. To register in the Cure Urgent Care patient portal, please CLICK HERE.

Activation on the CURE patient portal is mandatory in order to receive your results.

Patients should consult their insurance provider for the latest COVID testing policies.

Cure Urgent Care offers a complete visit, including antibody testing for a flat $99 for uninsured patients.

Antibody testing is available at either of our 2 Manhattan locations by walk-in only during normal business hours.

DISCLAIMER: Proof of antibodies is only one part of determining quarantine limitations. The CDC has no official policy regarding proof of antibodies and what that means for stay at home orders. Patients should follow the instruction of their State agencies and the CDC once released.

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